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FICO Credit Score - Where Does It Come From? - Friday, July 09, 2010
FICO Credit Score - Where Does It Come From?
  FICO Credit Score Components

35% Payment History
30% Amounts Owed
15% Length of Credit
10% New Credit
10% Type of Credit
    If you’re trying to improve your FICO credit
score, you may need to focus on one or
more of the components above.

Improve Credit Scores Step-by-Step

Improve Credit Scores - Payment History Category

· Pay on time, no magic secret here

· If you can’t pay on time, notify your lender that you need to work something out

· Get current on past due accounts

Improve Credit Scores - Amounts Owed Category

· Keep low balances relative to your credit limit - 35% or lower is best.

· Don’t open new accounts just to lower your used credit capacity - having too much capacity is a risk too

Improve Credit Scores - Length of Credit Category

· Consider keeping old accounts open if you’ve been a good borrower

· Start building credit as soon as possible

Improve Credit Scores - New Credit Category

· When shopping for new credit, keep it all within a short time frame such as 14 days or less

· Borrowers with a bad history can improve credit scores by opening a new account and managing it responsibly

Improve Credit Scores - Types of Credit Category

· Installment debt (where you pay fixed monthly installments to eliminate the debt) is “better” than revolving debt (open-ended credit card debt)

· Certain finance company debts (like buying a product with retailer financing) can lower your score

In general, you need to know that it takes time and discipline to improve credit scores.

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